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Plant-Based is the future

The culinary course is developed to meet the growing need to nudge people towards a plant-based diet. In 10 weeks, with over 70 culinary lessons we help you on the journey to becoming the vegan cook you've always wanted to be. We teach you to impact communities, friends, and families with the healthiest and most delicious food on the planet. These lessons are taught by our smart and well-experienced specialized chefs. These lessons are easy to absorb and practice even for beginners. The course is 100% hands-on and practical.


Batch Size: 14. 

Batch dates for 2022-23:

June, 3 Week course: 5 June 2023 to 23 June 2023

Fee for June: INR 100,000

Batch dates for 2023-24:

Autumn: 4th Sep 2023 to 9th Nov 2023 

Winter: 11th Dec 2023 to 16th Feb 2024 

Spring: 4th March 2024 to 10th May 2024. 

Course Fees: 

Indian Students: INR 240,000 including Taxes 

International Students: $ 4000 

Accommodation: We have accommodation 1.5 Km from the school making it easier for you to move to Goa.  

but think how much easier and healthier India's first plant - based culinary school  (and cheaper, if not for meat subsidies and "commodities bonuses" in the USA) school lunch programs would be if they offered only the vegan option and became vegan schools. Why offer unhealthy hamburgers  India's first plant - based culinary school  and cheeseburgers when you're offering nutritious veggie burgers anyway? Why offer spaghetti with meat sauce when you're serving spaghetti with marinara sauce anyway? And why have we gotten into the habit of providing so much choice at lunchtime? (In our society, choice = waste.) Even keeping religious, spiritual and allergy needs in mind, it is still possible to serve delicious vegan school lunches every day and meet everyone's needs.

India's first plant - based culinary Vegan schools are more environmentally friendly. When all the evidence is added up, it no longer makes sense to serve meat and dairy products in schools, whether in school lunch programs, during pizza fundraisers, or with hot dogs at Fun Day. Meat and dairy at school are no longer cool because the livestock industry in India contributes to global warming and climate change. The only way to be a truly green — and compassionate — school community is to "go veg"!

Did you know that the average Indian family has only nine favorite meals? I'll bet that school cafeterias don't have many more than that (many school India's first plant - based culinary school | The vegan School food programs start repeating their menus after just a week or two), so it's a fairly simple task to "veganize" a family's diet or a school's lunch menus. As examples, here are my family's India's first plant - based culinary school | The vegan School nine favorite dinners (I follow a gluten-free diet, so adding wheat products will make this list even easier to add to):


For Health, Sustainability and Ethics

By sharing our passion for food and nutrition, our mission is to inspire you to find the joy of healthy living and empower you to succeed with your long-term wellness goals. Not just what to eat and cook, but also who you are while eating and cooking. 
Our goal is to provide value in a fun and inspirational way to empower the next generation of culinary artists with skills and confidence to succeed with a career in the field of plant-based food and nutrition.

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We have assembled some of the best vegan chef's currently residing in India. They are extremely passionate in what they do. We try to bring specialised chef's for specialised tasks.

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Dessert Chef Pooja is our vegan pastry chef and a permaculturist, who is on a mission to r
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We will have a few more chefs visiting us other than the 5 superheroes mentioned here. 

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